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International Day of the Girl Child 2023: Every year on October 11, the global community observes the International Day of Girl Child 2023. The day aims to focus on the importance of “girls’ education, their rights and promoting gender equality

Accoridng to Plan International Ireland, It will take another 131 years to achieve gender equality, according to experts. That’s five more generations of girls facing an unequal world. With progress on equality stalled and reversing in some parts of the world, it may take even longer.

But we know there’s hope.

Girls, in all their diversity, are calling for support from all of us to change track and speed up progress, to beat the clock and achieve gender equality.

All around the world, more young people are engaging in activism and advocacy, organising and building movements for gender and social justice. They are driving transformative change for and with their communities.

Girls are campaigning on issues that impact them the most, from sexual and reproductive health and rights, to inequality and gender-based violence, and to climate change and the lack of youth voices in decision-making. They speak up for themselves, their futures and for those around them who are suffering discrimination and unable to raise their own voices.

We know girls are facing a huge battle for their equality. We will stand with girls, raising their voices until we are all equal.

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