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The Irish Forum for Global Education is a network that supports Ireland’s contribution to education in development and emergency and the wider SDG 4 Education 2030 Agenda.

Through a range of initiatives we seek to provide information and advance dialogue on the state of global education and particularly the challenges and progress towards the global goals. How can Ireland make a real contribution and work with national, regional and global partners to progress these goals? IFGE seeks to define and influence policy to advance this contribution.

Bo District, Sierra Leone, Food Programme in Schools. Photo Courtesy of Plan International

IFGE Activities

Mr John Kabia teaches class 3 at Patiful Mayeppuh SDA Primary shool Sierra Leone June 2021. Photo: Michael Duff/Concern Worldwide

The Irish Forum for Global Education (IFGE) operates through the following activities:

  • Developing contributions to policy and other dialogues on education in development and in emergency
  • Organizing conferences, workshops and other events
  • Creating thematic groups to harness Irish and international expertise on specific issues
  • Working with other networks and enter into collaboration arrangements
  • Engaging with the education community in Ireland at all levels to develop expertise, solidarity and support for work of the Forum
  • Identifying and disseminating research and guidance on policy and practice
  • Linking members to capacity-building opportunities in different technical areas related to education in development and emergency
  • Cooperating with Irish Aid to promote Ireland’s contribution to SDG 4 at regional and global level
  • Engaging in lobbying and advocacy with public representatives in the Oireachtas and in the European Parliament
  • Engaging in lobbying and advocacy with private sector actors engaged in not-for-profit education projects