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Forum Structure

The structure of IFGE comprises:

  • Membership
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Steering Committee
  • Thematic Working Groups

CEC de Sinto, Guedembou, Gueckedou, Guinea. Photo Courtesy of Plan International

Current Membership

  • ASTI (Association of Secondary Teachers of Ireland)
  • IFUT (Irish Federation of University Teachers)
  • INTO (Irish National Teachers Organisation)
  • TUI (Teachers Union of Ireland)
  • Aidlink
  • Comhlamh
  • Concern
  • Misean Cara
  • Plan International Ireland
  • Worldwise Global Schools
  • Global Schoolroom
  • Serve in Solidarity Ireland
  • RTAI (Retired Teachers Association of Ireland)
  • SeeBeyondBorders Ireland
  • Children in Crossfire
  • ActionAid Ireland
  • A Partnership with Africa
  • Self Help Africa
  • Educate Together
  • IDEA (Irish Development Education Association)
  • JMB (Joint Managerial Body for Voluntary Secondary Schools)
  • ACCS (Association of Community and Comprehensive Schools)
  • Muslim Primary Education Board
  • ERST (Edmund Rice Schools Trust)
  • The Camden Trust

Steering Committee / Current Members

The IFGE Steering Committee guides the direction of the work and meets a minimum of five times each year. The Chairperson convenes the meetings. The Steering Committee strives to reach decisions on the basis of consensus. In the event of lack of consensus, the Chairperson will have the casting vote. The Coordinator liaises with the Steering Committee and administers the ongoing work of the Forum.

Current Steering Committee members are: