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The UNESCO Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report Has been launched in Ireland on 28th of September 2023.

During the launch ceremony the  Lord Mayor of Dublin Daithí de Róiste  has welcomed the participants into the mansion house and officially opened the meeting.  he remarked the importance of education and specifically technology and innovation to the wider society

On his part the Minister of State for international development and Diaspora Sean Fleming discussed the impact free education in Ireland and noted the Department of foreign affairs through Irish aid priority of education including the development assistance to a number of countries worldwide. He thanked the IFGE, UNESCO GEM report and participants for 0rganising the event.

After Ministerial address, Manos Antoninis, the Director of the GEM report addressed the meeting. He noted the GEM Report is an independent editorial entity with 20 staff members committed to excellence and efficiently. During his presentation ( available below) he also highlighted key challenges facing the attainments of SDG 4 – “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”  namely poorly resourced education policies, Technology education becoming too polarizing and the fact that millions of children and youth are left out of the education systems across the globe.

Noreen Finnegan, Department of Education and Bernard Kirk, Camden Education Trust has presented national perspectives in terms of Department of education policies, education initiatives towards attainment of SDG 4 and  and on Technology in girls education.

This was following by Q & A sessions with the presenters on the issues facing the Global education and the findings of the report. Manos, has provided comprehensive answers to the questions raised.

The meeting with concluded by the Chair of IFGE who thanked everyone.

Additional resources. 

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Presentation: 2023GEMReport-Presentation.pptx