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From  22nd – 26th April is the Global Action Week for Education 2024!

The Global Action Week for Education 2024 marks the 22nd annual week-long campaign coordinated by the Global Campaign for Education and celebrated worldwide by education movements and advocates to remind governments, decision-makers, and other stakeholders to deliver on the global commitments for education.

The Global Campaign for Education (GCE) was formed by civil society organisations in 1999 to promote and defend education as a human right. GCE represents over 100 national and regional education coalitions and international organisations. We, the Irish Forum for Global Education, are a proud member committed to promoting inclusive and equitable quality education for all worldwide. 

This year, during the Global Action Week for Education, we will beat the drums for Transformative Education and invite you to join us!

Education has a transformative role. Education goes beyond a narrow set of learning outcomes. It is a driver of social justice, peace, gender equality, sustainable development, and individual and collective freedom. 

For the Global Action Week for Education we invite you to join our call for investment in public and transformative education everywhere! Look out for our campaign starting on 22nd April and share with your stakeholders, on X (Twitter) and LinkedIn, your newsletter or other channels.

Stay tuned for the calendar of events to be published next week! 

The Irish Forum for Global Education (IFGE) is a voluntary network of civil society actors and education stakeholders committed to promoting knowledge and effective responses to global education issues. The Forum is affiliated to the Global Campaign for Education.