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As the world marks United Nations Day, it is worth considering why the United Nations was created and the spirit of its founders. We are in danger of losing sight of this at a time when war is again a reality in many parts of the world and poverty and climate change are such major challenges. To quote Green Party leader Eamonn Ryan ‘We’re facing record-breaking pressures on our planet from climate change and biodiversity loss, and we now face the global fallout from Russia’s war on Ukraine. Access to food and fertilizer is being affected, and the possibility of hunger is a very real threat again, to many across the world in this year’.

At the foundation of the U.N. in 1945 and in the years that followed, there was optimism, hope and determination to achieve peace, security and human rights for all. Have we lost sight of this? We need to remind ourselves of this vision and highlight the key role of education in contributing to it. It is absolutely vital in creating a better world and keeping this vision alive and yet so many are denied access to this fundamental right. You can read the U.N. Day Statement by Education Cannot Wait Director Yasmine Sherif here.

Education for Peace & Security: UN Day Statement by Education Cannot Wait Director Yasmine Sherif